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About us

I grew up as a farmer's daughter so I guess you could say it is in my blood. I have always felt blessed to have grown up on the farm. My farm is located in Charles City County VA on land that has been farmed by my family for over a hundred years.  My grandfather, my father and my uncle worked alongside each other for years as grain farmers (corn, wheat and soy beans). My father and uncle also raised hogs for most of my childhood years. My grandfather and father are gone now so my uncle carries on with the grain farming and I am carrying on by farming in my own way. 


I have always loved animals and had a horse growing up. I had worked off the farm at the same job for 25 years and as my farm grew, I realized it was either the farm or my day job. So, I quit my day job and am solely working on my farm.

I raise a variety of animals from dairy goats and cows to hogs and chickens. 

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